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                                                                 Barataria New Raised Plan 4600sf             4.5b               4br

                                                           7br 4b             4550 sq ft                                                                          3br 2.5b       2090 sq ft

                             5br 3.5b       2038sf                                       3br 2.5b      1745sf                                              3br 2.5b       1207sf

                           Gulf Coast Homes     house plan list

                                                              4br 2b     1637sf                                                                         3br 2.5b      1728sf

                                                                                                                      3br 3b      2600sf

                                                          4150sf      4br 2.5b                                                                            5br 3.5b 3950sf

          Gulf Coast Homes     house plan list
                                                                                                                                        2br 2.5b             2250 sq ft

                                         3br 3.5b          2484sf                                                                                            2br 2b     1000sf

                                                                                                                        6br 3b             2350 sq ft
                                                1637sf     4br  2b                                                                                      4br 2b     1637sf

                         2br 2.5b        2000 sf                                              4br 2b       2170sf                                          Architects House I  II  III & IV

          Gulf Coast Homes     house plan list

                                                                                 the River Camp House         3br 3b        1988sf

                                                     4br 2.5b    1776sf                                                                               4br 2b      1588

                             3br 2.5b    1722sf                                                3br 3b       1717 sf                                              4br  2bath      2550sf

                                           2br 2b 1270sf                                                                                        4br  2b         2476sf

                                                    2br 2b 1444sf                                                                                2 br 2.5b        1600 sq ft


                                                                                                3br 3b         2500sf

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                                                               Unique custom house plans in a contemporary Art Deco style
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